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Why Trade with Yuan Pay Group?

Yuan Pay Group applies advanced HFT trading techniques to bet on BTC volatility. These include scalping, which involves using high leverage to generate huge profits from slight price movements. Our trading system conducts all trading automatically and at an extremely high win rate.

We are the first AI-driven system for exclusive BTC volatility trading. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the backbone of any worthwhile auto-trading system. The Yuan Pay Group trading system also capitalizes on blockchain and smart contracts for a seamless and transparent trading environment.

Yuan Pay Group is free, easy to use and safe for all. We may introduce a registration fee in future for all new accounts. Take advantage of the free-license by signing up now. We ensure users safety through military-grade encryption measures. Moreover, we fully adhere to the GDPR data privacy law.

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Yuan Pay Group trading system has helped thousands of people gain financial freedom.
You could also join the growing list of wealthy bitcoin traders by signing up with us today.
With us, you do not require any trading expertise. Register and deposit at least $250 and then click the live button.

You can earn up to $500 on the first day of trading if the markets conditions are favourable.
All margin trading involves significant risk.

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Sebastian T. ThorpeLondon, UK

Profit: £ 20,941

“I am now a profiting from the markets thanks to the Yuan Pay Group. This trading system is perhaps the most profitable thing on earth. It’s baffling how such an easy to use system can generate  profit from an investment of $250.”

Freja S. NygaardCopenhagen, Denmark

Profit: € 13,417

“I have been trading bitcoin since 2015, but I have never made profits as I have done in the last one month. Yuan Pay Group is proving to be the real game-changer in the world of crypto trading.”

Georg K. LembergDublin, Ireland

Profit: € 8,941

“There is no easy way to make good profits online than through the Yuan Pay Group. I didn’t know a thing about crypto when I started trading with this system, but this did not prevent me from making profits from the first day.”

Lauren W. BowkerSydney, Australia

Profit: $ 18,363

“This trading bot has magically transformed my life in the past year. I am now a proud homeowner, and the money is still trickling in. This trading bot can make you rich within a short time if you take the time to understand it.”


Our trading system is built to beat the markets most of the time. It could generate a ROI that is ten times higher than the markets in a good day of trading. A deposit of USD250 with us is enough to generate up to $800 daily under favourable market conditions.


The Yuan Pay Group algorithm is AI-based. We are among the pioneers in the application of this technology in fast paced BTC trading. The system relies on AI subsets of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to enhance performance.


We depend on reputable and regulated brokers to connect us to the markets. Our partner brokers are monitored by leading regulators in the UK, Australia, Cyprus, South Africa and many other countries.



The Yuan Pay GroupProfitTrade TimeCryptocurrencyResult
Merlin M. just won trade...$193 BTC/ETHtick
Jensen Y. just won trade...$197 EOS/ETHtick
Angel K. just won trade...$151 ETH/LTCtick
Matt C. just won trade...$181 BTC/ETHtick
Yasin B. just won trade...$151 EOS/ETHtick
Joseff Y. just won trade...$128 EOS/ETHtick
Carter P. just won trade...$266 EOS/ETHtick
Ruth Q. just won trade...$184 BTC/ETHtick
Byron W. just won trade...$174 ETH/LTCtick
Cali R. just won trade...$107 ETH/BTCtick


Step 1

Register with us through clicking the green buttons on this page. We allow registrations from all over the world, and there are no skill or income requirements to trading with us.

Step 2

Fund your Yuan Pay Group account with not less than USD 250. We depend on trustworthy brokers to handle transactions with clients.

Step 3

This should be easy if you read our trading guide and watch the video tutorial on our resource centre. Yuan Pay Group is a trading system for all, including complete beginners.



Do I have to be a skilled trade to use Yuan Pay Group?

No! You do not need any prior trading experience to trade with Yuan Pay Group successfully. Simply watch the trading tutorial on the robot’s resource page and follow it to set up your trading account.

Is Yuan Pay Group a Scam?

No! We observe the highest standards of operation to ensure that our users get the best of services. Our trading system is backed by some of the most reputable robot brokers in the industry.

How do I invest with Yuan Pay Group?

Trading with Yuan Pay Group is easy. Create and fund your trading account and then follow the provided instructions to set up an account and go live. We offer a demo account to help you prepare before risking real money.

How does Yuan Pay Group make money?

Yuan Pay Group is a high-frequency trading computer program that uses powerful algorithms to study market data and come up with trading insights. The robot makes money even when the BTC price is falling through short selling strategies. All trading carries risk.

What fees does Yuan Pay Group charge?

Yuan Pay Group has made full disclosures on its fee mechanism. This trading robot doesn’t charge any other fees apart from a 2% commission. There are no rollover and deposit and withdrawal fees.

How do I withdraw my profits?

We allow users to withdraw their profits whenever they want. You only need to send a request through the provided tool, and we will facilitate the transaction within hours. Withdrawals can be through a bank transfer or debit/credit cards.

Is Yuan Pay Group software safe?

We take users safety seriously and have, therefore, invested in the world’s best encryption measures. Yuan Pay Group also complies with data safety laws in all jurisdictions of operation, including the UK.

How much does Yuan Pay Group cost?

Yuan Pay Group is free. You only need to have at least USD 250 in trading capital to access this robot’s trading area. Take advantage of the free signup opportunity and register now.

Yuan Pay Group Walkthrough

How do I get started with Yuan Pay Group?

Trading with us is surprisingly easy if you watch the trading instructions video on our resource centre. One of our professionals will get in touch with you after registration to guide you through the baby steps of trading with us.

Please note that we are available in Europe, Australia, Asia, North America, and Africa. We are also working towards getting approvals to accept clients from the US. Clients in the US should keep checking our website for updates.

Register and trade with our powerful AI trading system through the steps explained below.

1. Register with us for free by scrolling to the top right corner of this page and filling the provided registration form. We will only approve your account after confirming your contact information. You will redirect to one of our partner broker’s page for ID verification.

2. After registering successfully, you will be taken to a capital deposit page. Please note that the minimum you can deposit to trade with us is USD 250. You can deposit more for a superior outcome, but it’s prudent to start small and grow gradually by ploughing back profits.

3. This step involves demo practice and live trading. Take time to understand the Yuan Pay Group demo platform before staking real money. Live trading should be easy if you have taken time to test and understand the platform.

Facts about Yuan Pay Group

Yuan Pay Group is an interesting trading system powered by the world’s leading trading technologies. Here are some amazing facts about this robot.

1. This trading system has an extremely high win rate. The majority of those who try it report great profitability.

2.  Yuan Pay Group is a great option for many beginner and experienced traders.

3. Yuan Pay Group is reportedly a key driving force of the crypto boom of 2020/2021.

What is Yuan Pay Group?

Computer programs are taking over finance at breathtaking speed. Yuan Pay Group is a computer program that automates the bitcoin trading process. The system conducts trading research and executes trades automatically.

Anyone can earn money through our system since no expertise is required to operate it. Users must fund their accounts with as little as USD 250 and earn insane profits of up to 60% daily. It is possible to turn your small investment into a fortune through compounding.

You only need to plough back most of your daily earning to hit this goal faster.

Yuan Pay Group on the mainstream media

We have been claimed to have been featured on top TV shows in the UK, the US, and Australia, but this is not true. It is true, however, that some of the top crypto publications in multiple languages have generously reviewed our platform.

The high media coverage has attracted gossip blogs with some spreading fake news about our platform. There are rumours that Elon Musk, Martin Lewis, Gordon Ramsay, Jeremy Clarkson, Peter Jones, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Eric Schmidt, Chamath Palihapitiya, Holly Willoughby, Michael Carroll, Alan Sugar and Steve Mckay have invested in Bitcoin through our trading platform. Are these rumours really true.

  • Elon Musk – Elon Musk hasn’t invested or endorsed our platform but he's big fan of Bitcoin. Some people are making these claims may have confused our trading platform with Bitcoin as a currency.
  • Martin Lewis – We still haven’t identified the origin of the Martin Lewis Yuan Pay Group gossip. Though, we can certify that he hasn’t invested with or endorsed our platform.
  • Gordon Ramsay – We have also come across rumours related to Yuan Pay Group with Gordon Ramsay. These rumours are untrue. Please confirm information on the Yuan Pay Group.
Is Yuan Pay Group a scam? Final word!

We value our clients and therefore operate in the highest level of transparency. Yuan Pay Group is based on blockchain, a technology that ensures straightforward peer to peer transactions. Users can monitor live trading on our system in real-time and generate reports on the status of their accounts.

All disputes on the platform are solved through smart contract technology. The smart contract technology is a subset of blockchain and is currently popular with big investment banks and hedge funds.

Yuan Pay Group analyses the markets for insights through Artificial Intelligence (AI).The AI subset of Deep Learning (DL) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) makes it possible for the robot to conduct trading at an extremely high accuracy level. Get started with the Yuan Pay Group by filling the registration form on top of this page.


Exclusive $250 Deposit Bonus Offer* - Today Only!

*T&C Apply